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Recent Certification

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Services Halal India Facilitates

  • Food Hygiene and Sanitation in your premises.
  • Prayer Room Facilities(in your premises).
  • Al-Quran for patients (15 copies).
  • Patient Services.
  • Funeral Services (If needed).
  • Muslim Friendly City Guide.
  • Prayer Mats ( 15 nos).
  • Halal awareness training to Doctors & hospital staffs.
  • Centralised kitchen & Restaurants in Hospital premises will be Halal Certified.(If hospital has a centralised kitchen facility)
  • Prayers timings.
  • Qiblah directions( in your entire organisation)
  • Halal India banner.
  • Ramadan Facilities.

India as a Medical Tourism Destination

  • Low /Reduced treatment costs.
  • Availability of latest medical technology.
  • Growing compliance on International Quality standards
  • No visa restrictions.
  • No language barrier (Hospitals have language translators).
  • No waiting period for treatments.
  • Treatment cum leisure destination.
  • Low cost consulting fee.

Benefits to the Hospitals on Getting Certified

  • Business gains, a considerable amount of patient trust and confidence.
  • HALAL license imposes strict personal sanitation requirements in addition to hygiene practices.
  • Higher inflow of foreign patients from OIC ‘s as well as other countries where Halal compliance is taken into consideration.
  • A feel at home ambience to patients will make them loyal to the hospital.
  • Expanded overseas market.